Online Store Renting Services

In this Covid-19 period, it has presented many challenges and opportunities for businesses across all industry sectors. On the dark side, retail, food and beverages, aviation and tourism are the ones that are badly affected. Yet, on the bright side, some businesses have found sales opportunities by adopting a paradigm shift in their business models.

Needless to say, digital transformation is the way to go now for businesses to adopt as part of business continuity plan. However, most business owners are struggling with two main things, i.e. cash flow and talents to execute ecommerce initiative as much as they know they have to do it in order to survive.

We, Syan Consulting have heard you.

Thus, Syan Consulting has immediately come up with a plan to assist business owners in this trying period.

What’s the plan?

Rent an online store today with low rental fee.

No staff cost. Hassle free.

Benefits of the plan:

  • Low capital outlay

  • Execution and management of your online store will be done by us

What do you need to do now?

Outsource to us today.

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